Tournament Location

The Vinkeveen Plassen are the remainder of a huge peat and wetland area that evolved many centuries ago. Vinkeveen is located in the municipalty of De Ronde Venen, in the province of Utrecht, the Netherlands just 20km south of Amsterdam.

Today the three lakes are famous as a fishing location as well as an important outdoor and recreational area, with facilities for swimming, diving, and yachting. You will find plenty of quality fish in the lakes such as the famous predatory “Big Three“ Pike, Zander, Perch.

This former peat cutting area gets its unmistakable character from the many trenches and well known dutch polder in the west, the result of peat cutting. This polder landscape provides wind protection, even if stronger winds make it impossible to catch fish in deeper water on the east side of the venue.

The average air temperatures in early October ranges from a low of 12°C (55°F) and a high of 20°C (69°F).

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How Do I Get There?

Vinkeveen is accessible from the following airports

The drive from Amsterdam Schiphol to Vinkeveen is  25kms and takes about 20min.

A Taxi from Amsterdam Schiphol is 50,00 EUR.

The drive from Düsseldorf (Germany) and Brussels (Belgium) takes 2h (Distance around 200km)

There is also a Thalys connection to Amsterdam from Paris, Brussels and Antwerpen.

Tackle stores nearby

Hengelsport de Ronde Venen (Local Shop)

Herenweg 237-239
Vinkeveen The Netherlands

Raven Fishing & Outdoor Lelystad

Tjalk 15 – 25
8232 LK Lelystad The Netherlands