Final Competition Day Weather ReportOctober 10, 2014

News - By: Hobie Fishing

Vinkeveen Plassen, Friday October 10, 2014  – Coming into the final day of competition, our anglers are now readying themselves for the task at hand. This is the day where it all comes together. Today we will crown the 4th Hobie Fishing World Champion!

Conditions are expected to remain consistent with yesterday. Winds ranging from of 20km/h to 25km/h (13 to 17mph) from the South West continue throughout the day with gusts of up to 45km/h (30mph) easing off around 8:00am. Rain overnight has cleared leaving scattered cloud and a 20% chance of rain throughout the day while temperates are expected to reach 16ºC (60ºF).

Once again, no adjustments to the schedule, means that our anglers will have a full day on the water in which to make it count. Stay tuned as we continue to post updates throughout the day.