The concept of the Hobie Fishing World Championship


When asked about the development of the idea of the world fishing championships Steve Fields, deliberated, “Hobie Cat has been hosting Hobie sailing world championships since the first Hobie 16 titles held in Hawaii in 1976. They are fantastically competitive and ruthless events on the water but they are great social occasions as well”.

“People from all over the world with similar interests not only compete but share expertise, knowledge and skills. In the end, there is one World Champion, but everyone goes home feeling better about themselves, with new friends, new skills and having had a cultural experience in a part of the world they, otherwise, may never have visited.”

“Hobie Cat has grown and diversified into new areas since those early days. Our venture into kayaks has built a huge, worldwide Hobie kayak fishing fraternity. I wanted to bring these people together somehow and came up with the Hobie Fishing World Championship. I put the concept to Daiwa and they loved the idea so much they jumped straight aboard, as the major sponsor of the first such event ever to be held.”

The concept carried over other ideas from the sailing class championships where all sailors are placed on an “even keel” by sailing in new boats built and supplied specifically for the event.

An event site in northern NSW was chosen and like the sailing concept the event was designed on, all anglers were supplied with exactly the same boat a Hobie MirageĀ® Pro Angler, all rigged out in the factory with quality accessories that were straight out of the packet and transported and maintained at the event site by Hobie Cat Australasia factory staff.

With the difficulty and expense of freighting a boat to an international venue taken care of by the event organiser and the experience in event organisation of Hobie Cat through over 35 years of sailing world championships, the world championship in kayak fishing was set to flourish.