Lessard-leaps-aheadOctober 9, 2014

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Vinkeveen Plassen, Thursday October 9, 2014  – The penultimate day of 4th Hobie Fishing World Championship presented by Rhino-Rack commenced today from the Power-Pole starting line with half the field needing a massive day to stay in the race for the championship title. The leading group of four anglers, headed by Richard Somerton from Australia, were the only competitors to have bagged two fish and were sitting on scores over the hundred mark. There was a spread in the top ten of 72 cm from number one down to ten with twenty five anglers giving Somerton a 142cm head start today.

The weather, conditions, improved slightly throughout today with a drop in wind velocity that had troubled anglers yesterday in the open water and southern sides of the lakes. The rain that had been present at times yesterday and over night, stayed away from the tournament arena. Patches of open, blue sky were visible for the first time and the temperature remained reasonably mild.

Today the fishing was reasonable early, as the day was developing and while the overnight cloud cover had not broken. If you could find them, Perch and Pike were on the bite if teased while lying in wait of their prey in most locations around the three lake areas. Like yesterday no Zander were caught by any angler from any nation and Zander remains the prize catch of the tournament.

Richard Somerton’s huge Perch measuring 47cm yesterday is still the largest of the species caught with Jason Reid from Australia giving chase today, landing a 45cm Perch early on. The largest Pike at 106cm yesterday maintained the top spot as the biggest Pike caught today by Daniel van der Post from the Netherlands came in at 101cm.

The priority of most anglers today was to land a Pike and then Perch and once happy with one of each species on their camera cards, they then took the opportunity to chase the elusive Zander that has so far not been caught in the tournament.

Having no time or area limitations placed on competitors today meant that the chances of seeing a competitor bring back a full bag of one Pike, Perch and a Zander for the first time were high.

Unfortunately, as it turned out the “elusive Zander” remains exactly that, and none was brought aboard a Hobie Pro Angler 12 kayak today.

Steve Lessard from Baton Rouge in the USA, who went into today in second place behind Richard Somerton, now sits in a very comfortable position at the top of the Lowrance Leader Board.

“Today went well, my game plan came together, I knew I had to get my Pike early before this weather change hit. I knew we were going to have a weather change with sun and bright blue skies and that was going to move the fish so I knew I had to get them early. I got my Pike early and then I switched over to Perch, I got a couple of Perch. I went through about a dozen before I got a keeper. I tried the rest of the day to upgrade but conditions worsened and it was more and more difficult as the day went on to catch Perch at all. So I was fortunate to get what I have early”.

Kyle Moxon from Ontario in Canada was in eigth place going into today and has moved up the ladder just holding on to second position after two days of competition.

“Today I was sitting in eigth place, so I thought I’d put on some big baits and string for the fence as some people would say. I caught a Pike early on and then I went right away to try to catch a Perch. I caught a good size Perch and then I went to upgrade my Pike and it was just one problem after another out there, so hopefully it holds up”.

Rob Appleby Goudberg from Great Britain has been performing consistently over the two days of the tournament and with a fifth place standing after day one he has now moved up to challenge the lead in third position.

“Today started off very quiet, I knew if I was to get a big Pike it would be in the first 90 minutes and it didn’t happen. So I decided on a bit of a game changer, I went to get some Perch instead and got a Pike which was good news! I spent the rest of the day chasing Perch. I had two which were undersize then I lost a good sized Perch right next to the kayak. It’s been difficult there’s no doubt about it, but let’s just say, yeah, it’s been a good day”.

Dan Andre Aarsvold from Norway was one of the big movers on the Lowrance Leader Board today, jumping from thirteenth position to now sit in fourth place and within reach of a podium finish if he has a good day tomorrow.

“Today was alright for me, I caught a Pike very early and then I also lost one very early.

The one that I measured was 76 or 77 something like that. I also caught an undersized Perch, so all in all it was a good day. I have at least three places now where lives Pike so I’ll be there first thing in the morning”.

Going into the world championship European champion Daniel van der Post from the Netherlands was the tournament favourite. After a tough day one presenting no fish, today was his day to turn things around. And turn things around he did recovering from no score to sixth place at the end of day two.

“ I had quite a good day I think. I started really well I hooked a large Pike in the first five minutes or so, so it was a good start. It was just over a metre so it really helped me with that. So from then on I was targeting Perch and Zander. I caught a few smaller Perch and midday I found a bigger Perch . I lost one that was 30cm or so next to my kayak but lucky enough about five minutes later I caught another one, his brother or sister I was happy with that. After that I was going for the Zander but the Zander was difficult as was expected. It was a good day today”.

Patrick McQuarrie from Australia was in the top ten yesterday with an 85cm Pike but has fallen into sixteenth place after a tough day on the water today.

“I started the day out confidently,sitting in sixth place. I headed to the same place that I caught my Pike yesterday, fished the same technique in the same canals and all I could catch today were some undersized Perch. It was pretty disappointing day for me, but I’m going to get out there tomorrow and give it another crack”.

Ma Xiao Hong from Chengdu in China had a better day today and now has a score on the board and sits in twenty fourth place.

“I was very lucky, it didn’t take too long, maybe in the first half hour, I caught my first fish which was a Pike at 54cm. Then I tried to fish for a bigger one and nothing showed up. Then I turned on another occasion to fish for some Perches and I caught a lot of undersized Perches. But after all it was a lovely day and I am wishing to have the same sort of luck tomorrow. Thank you to all”.

Kevin Varty from Nowra, in New South Wales, Australia had a much better day today on the Netherland’s lake, which took him up to seventh place.

“I went a little better today, I managed to get a 76cm on 3lb braid and 3lb fluro leader. Just as I got the net under him and Snap! the line broke. Luckily I caught him just as he went into the net. I lost a couple of other Pike, smaller ones and I couldn’t land a decent Perch. I’m feeling a lot better today than I was at the end of yesterday”.

Frantisek Zderka from Jarok in Slovakia is fishing in his first Hobie Fishing World Championship and is grateful for the privilege to just be here in Vinkeveen Plassen competing against the world’s best kayak anglers.

“Water conditions were very good but yesterday’s problem of rain changed with the sun. I did not catch big fish, only little Perch under 25cm. I am very happy that I got an invitation to the world championship. I am having a lot of fun because there are a lot of very good people here”.

The top ten on the Lowrance Leader Board after day two of the Hobie Fishing World Championship presented by Rhino-Rack, sees three new faces appear and a shuffling of the remaining positions. Amazingly nine different nations are now represented in the top ten which is testament to the strength, equality and diversity of international kayak fishing. The top ten as at the end of day two are:

  1. Steve Lessard USA 252cm
  2. Kyle Moxon CAN 180cm
  3. Rob Appleby Goudberg UK 174cm
  4. Dan Andre Aarsvold NOR 143cm
  5. Richard Somerton AUS 142cm
  6. Daniel van der Post NLD 130cm
  7. Staffan Jorup SWE 123cm
  8. Johnson Lee SGP 122cm
  9. Gianluca Aramini ITA 104cm
  10. Justin Ritchey USA 99cm

[Full Results Table]

Despite Steve Lessard’s comfortable lead, the final day of competition could see anything happen. It appears that everything is far from predictable in this year’s Hobie Fishing World Championship, particularly the fish.

After two days Zander have been seen and brought alongside at least one Hobie kayak but never landed. The question still remains, will anyone catch the elusive Zander and be the first to log in all three predators? And if so, could that Zander be the fish that wins the world championship for one lucky angler?


Tomorrow we find out!

The 4th Hobie Fishing World Championship presented by Rhino-Rack could not have gone ahead without the great support of our tournament sponsors Rhino-Rack, Daiwa, Lowrance, Power-Pole and Ram Mounts.